Livermore Community Group

The Livermore Community Group (started life as Ad hoc Advocacy Committee) is a loose-knit collection of Livermore residents with civic, business and cultural interests. The Group's vision is that the size and quality of the downtown hotel project should enhance the needs of citizens, existing First Street businesses, labs, wineries, and corporations to create a true civic center that will thrive for many years. They believe that the MacCracken plan shown on the Site Concept page of this website addresses a wide range of clientele as needed to support Livermore's diverse community.

Since this effort started, the Livermore Community Group has engaged experts in many fields to explore ideas for making this revitalized downtown area an inviting and engaging core space. We have looked at details of architecture, construction, residential and retail, finance, partnerships, donors, parking, arts, culture, and a wide range of stakeholders. Lots of options have been proposed and pushed hard to see how amazing this redeveloped area can be. We are presenting to you what we think are the best of the best ideas in a design concept that we believe is both remarkable and feasible.

Dr. Bill Dunlop is serving as the Committee Chair, and Jean King as Treasurer. Other Committee Members include: Jeff Kaskey, Heather Lorier, Jim McGrail, Joan Seppala, Jean Shuler, Lee Younker.