Financing Options

The Livermore Community Group recognizes that reduced residential units, an active Town Square, adequate parking with more of it partially below ground, and additional flexible meeting space must still be financially responsible and will need additional resources. This document suggests some of the potential sources for funds. Hopefully, this listing spurs interest in the possibilities. Get it -> HERE <-

NBS Report

NBS is an independent consulting firm that assesses funding possibilities for public agencies. We asked NBS to look at ways in which the City of Livermore could raise funds to invest into the downtown project. Additionally, we asked them to estimate the return on investment that the City would get from this increased investment. As you might anticipate, if you stretch a bit for that initial investment, it pays back nicely in increased value and revenue.

On July 25, 2016, NBS revised their study with residential units reduced to 100 and increased commercial.

Click ->HERE<- to download the July 25, 2016 NBS report

PKF Report

PKF studied a specific hotel and conference center concept to help us understand the project feasibility. We asked about a 185 room "dual-brand" hotel concept, where a single hotelier such as Marriott would operate a hotel with two levels of service, a functional business segment along with an upscale visitor segment. Much of the information developed is not specific to any one model and can help analyze a range of projects. 

To get the PKF report, click -> Here <-