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Cornerstone Concepts

As the plan evolves, the content of the flyer below becomes mostly historical reference, but we wanted you to still have access to it. We started down this path after both candidate developers delivered their proposals to the city. 

The full packet is available on the city website, May 8th and 9th agenda. We have separated them here for ease of downloading: -> LENNAR <- -> TRUMARK <- -> City Assessment <- 

We appreciate the ideas of these two plans, but felt there is a lot more that could be delivered if the developers were pushed and the City looks hard for funding sources and helpful collaborations. We worked with MacCracken Architects and many consultants, and interviewed residents, developers and other stakeholders, to create the concept proposed here. Shown in this space-constrained flyer are what we think are the important elements, including some shown in the developers proposals, but adding features missing in the current developer proposals:

  • Large public space
  • Partially below-ground parking opens the site for less density in residential, as well as more public space
  • West-side hotel (breaks up mass of housing, provides larger hotel area)

The architectural style is still just an example..

Click ->HERE<- to download the flyer

[The downloaded flyer is meant to be printed on two sides of 11x17 paper. So page 1 is on the right of the first sheet]